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Animal Health

Animal Health (animamineral®) products are excellent animal feed additives with a high active surface function. They improve the metabolism of animals by better digestion, detoxification, improved immune system and the provision of trace elements.

Plant Health

Plant Health (herbagreen®) products are complementary foliar fertilizers, based on micronized minerals and plant extracts of natural origin.

Soil Health

Soil Health (herbaland®) products are unique mineral based soil conditioners, consisting of selected raw materials such as stone powders, plant extracts and humates. The soil conditioners provide some significantly higher fertility to the soil.

Concrete Transport

Concrete has proven results for setting exceptional standards in cost control, planning, scheduling and project safety.

Interior Design

Our design professionals are equipped to help you determine the products and design that work best for our customers within the colors

Green Building

Green building is a more affordable to provides early feedback on opportunities to benefit energy savings, reduced environmental

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